Tuesday Tips for Parents - Importance of At Home Practice

Tuesday Tips for Parents – Importance of Practicing at Home

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But Why do I need to practice at home? I already have class twice a week or I already practice three times a week.

How do you answer – parents normally say things like practice makes perfect – you want to be the best don’t you – etc. We need to get understand what is happening for the kids when they practice so that they see themselves getting better when they practice.

Practice may not make perfect but it does create consistency and muscle memory – that is what helps make us better. Kids become consistent in throwing, catching, self-defense moves, playing piano, etc allowing them to not think about it before performing the movement. Why is this important?

Ages 3-6: These younger ages want that approval so much – when practicing at home they are getting parent approval and praise while building the muscle groups that help improve the overall muscle tone and balance. They also begin to learn the important part of not giving up – some area will be more difficult than others so parents have an opportunity to teach them the value of not quitting.

Ages 7-9: This age group is probably one of the more difficult to teach in a class setting – they gets overly frustrated easily and there is a very fine balance of not underchallenging them but not over challenging them and each child is different. As the parent, you know your child the best and are more likely to provide the perfect amount of challenge to get the best out of your child. When the over frustration and everything is not fair starts to show – it gives you the opportunity as a parent to teach things like “Take a Really Deep Breath” – “Count to 10” – “Run a Lap”. This is also teaching socially acceptable methods of dealing with frustration.

Ages 10+: This age needs confidence in the activity to perform at their absolute best. They are typically a little more reserved in front of others. So, the more confident they are in their ability, the more effort they will put into it during practices, performances, games, etc. As they enter teenager mode – they become less active so need motivation to stay active. They really need a lot of parent involvement at this age as well, so it is a perfect opportunity to increase the confidence, keep them active, and have involvement time with them.

All of the ages will feel better about their ability and enjoy the activity better. As the parent, you have also seen the area of struggle to let the coach/instructor know so he/she can provide extra help. It also gives helps you when paying for private lessons to give the coach/instructor information for helping your child.

Again, regardless of the age, it gives you an opportunity to encourage your child and let them know how important they are to you – so important you will help with activites. It is an opportunity for you to bond with your child – an opportunity to use all of the information you have at what questions to ask, how to get the best answers, etc. Kids are going to be a little less guarded when you are having fun together.

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