Tuesday Tips For Parents-Summer Fun with Kids Beneficial?

Tuesday Tips for Parents
Summer Fun with Kids – Why is it Beneficial?

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Summer Fun – what fun is most beneficial and why?

Many parents tell their kids – I played outside as a kid many times – we did not sit inside when It was nice outside – my mom would tell me to go outside and play.

Did our parents know how & why Sunshine and Physical Activity was so important – maybe, maybe not but it does not matter – they knew that it was beneficial to becoming a social productive part of a community.

So Why is it so Important – Sunshine and Physical Activity have all been associated with all of our good Brain Chemicals in some way. For example Sunshine is related to our Happy and Well Being Chemical – Serotonin. The more Activity we do outside – we are getting the Sunshine and the Activity at the same time – what Happy, More Focused Children we then have.

I don’t have time – What do we do – What if my child does not want to?

So – Summer Fun does not have to be everyday – it could be once or twice per week – one evening after work with longer summer days – on the weekend.

What do we do – There are all sorts of things that can be very simple but 1st start by asking your child their favorite outdoor activity. If they are not sure – following is a list of ideas

• Nature Scavenger Hunt
• Go to the Park – Nature Walks, Free Spray Parks, Play Frisbee, etc
• Water Balloon Baseball
• Backyard Yahtzee with Big Dice
• Have a Cookout – can be with friends so also helps the Social Aspect for children
• Mini Golf
• Zoo
• Sidewalk Chalk to paly sidewalk games
• Google outdoor activities for kids for many, many others

Some outdoor activities can even be a little less activity but more on the bonding issue for you and your child – whole family.

• Lay outside and look at the shapes of clouds 
• Read books together outside
• Play Eye Spy outside – then the person who picked the object for everyone to guess explains why they picked that object
• Make Homemade Play Dough, Moon Sand, or do any other art project – let you child pick the art project and ask why that project is important to him/her
• Decorate Under the Sea Graham Crackers
• Again google activity ideas

Many of these things seem very, very simple yet they are so important to children and families. It increases our Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins at various levels and helps keep Happy Kids and Happy Families. It can help us all grow closer as parent/child and as a whole family since it give us a great opportunity to ask questions to our child and listen closely to the answers.

One last way to make sure your child has some Sunshine over the Summer – make certain that the Summer Camp, Daycare, Baby Sitter, you may have for the Summer does have some outdoor activities in addition to the indoor activities.

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