Tuesday Tips 4 Parents:Choosing Whats Right

As Summer Approaches many parents are wondering – where do I send my child for Summer Camp – What Activities do I do with my child – then we start the next school year and have some of the same questions about After School and Extracurricular Activities.

No one can answer the activities your child enjoys better than you and your child.
So…… today’s focus is not on the type of activity but the staff who is involved with helping your child with the activity or program in which your child is involved.

The Staff should be Professional and Trained:
Professional: Staff should conduct themselves in a Professional and Polite Manner at all times. Parents at times can be upset due to situations involving their child, however, the staff should remain Professional and attempt to calm and assure the parent. Staff should offer assistance to the parent at all times as well as to the child.

Trained: Trained does not mean they (staff) are the World’s Best Expert in a sports or certain activity – it means they are having training with company policies and dealing with children and specifically the developmental growth of the age group(s) of children with which they work.

• Various age groups need very different social, emotional, physical, and intellectual support – YES it is possible to support all 4 of these areas in activities with proper training.
• Prompting Good Behavior – Kids of all ages respond better, more positively, and with more enthusiasm if Good Behavior is recognized and prompted vs the alternative
• Understanding DOSE vs Cortisol – to be staff that works with Children does not mean that you should be a neuroscientist or psychologist but do they understand increasing our Feel Good & Confidence Boosting Chemicals instead of Stress Chemicals.
• Does the Staff enjoy what they are doing – other portions of the position can be taught/learned but to enjoy working with kids must be from the heart.
• Is the Staff Adults or is it Kids watching Kids and do they have Background Checks?

Safety – Safety is the #1 Concern. 
• What are the Safety Policies and is the Staff Trained in those policies? 
• What is the drop off and pick up policy and do people check ID for those picking up your children.
o At a Facility for Camp/After School etc – does the staff ensure children are signed in/out?
o Does the staff ask for an ID if someone who they do not know picks up your child and do they check to ensure that person is allowed to pickup your child?
o At activities such as Baseball, Football, etc where there is not really a sign in/out and a list for staff to check – do they have a policy on walking the child into or up to the field for practice and coming back inside or up to the field to pickup to help ensure safety?
o At the above type of activities – Does the Coach and any assistants take the time to meet the parents and those who are picking up so they would know if a strange person is trying to pick up your child?
o At the above type. Of activities – is the Coach provided contact information for the parents?

It is very difficult to tell a parent everything that occurs and it would make the parent dread picking up their child, However, what is the policy for things that are parent worthy? Do you have to find out from your child or did staff communicate with you? Yes, even if it is difficult for the staff, you should hear it from the staff so you hear it from an unbiased side as to what occurred. This should go for accidents and behavior. 
*Do please note that since we also want the staff to be professional, they typically are not allowed by policy to tell you the names of other children that were involved – so do not take it out on staff when they are protecting the privacy of your child and the other children*

There are many other aspects that can be considered but the above listed are very important and you should definitely ask these questions.

Please do not hesitate to let us know of any other topics you would like covered. Give us a call/text at 336-270-6825 or email skillz4kidz@outlook.com

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