Tuesday Tips for Parents - DOSE - O=Oxytocin


Tuesday Tips for Parents – D.O.S.E


Last week we did the D for Dopamine and Today is the o for Oxytocin


Oxytocin controls our Social Satisfaction/Social Skills and Empathy.

This article will talk about Healthy Competition to help build Social Skills as well as Empathy and Gratitude.

Social Trust and Social Satisifaction can be built by Oxytocin. So how do we do this with our children – use some Healthy Fun Competition (make sure it is something fun to prevent the release of additional stress hormones). Simple things like who can be the loudest today – boys or girls – who can clean their room the fastest – older or younger – I’ll bet I can fold my clothes before you and the winner gets ice cream after dinner – I wonder who can meow the best the kids or the cat – Some of this is really silly but it is fun and helps to increase Oxytocin Levels.

Keeping the competition Fun is important because an increase in Stress Hormones reduces the level of Oxytocin.

Studies have shown that increased levels of Oxytocin raises our level of Empathy with others. By us showing Empathy and helping kids have a level of gratitude for us showing empathy with them. This helps kids learn what it feels like to have Empathy with others – try to feel what others are feelings.

Creating this feeling of Gratitude can also help with a child’s self-discipline in the way they respond to others and they way they feel about themselves. As parents, we want to consistently try to increase the levels of Oxytocin.

There are some links between the levels of Dopamine (the feel good chemical) and helping with Oxytocin for Empathy. So if we help our kids with keep an increased level of Dopamine (see last week’s article) we can help with the level Oxytocin – leading to kids with better Social Trust/Social Skills and empathy for others.


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