Tuesday Tips for Parents - Attunement

Tuesday Tips for Parents

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A specific skill that all parents need to go with the Connection that we have been talking about is Attunement. Be attuned to your child’s stage of development in all areas – physical, intellectual, social & emotional.

When you are in tune with these stages – it makes it easier to live in your child’s world and understand from their perspective versus expecting your child to live in an adult world. As parents, when we view our child from an adult world, we constantly are correcting mistakes. Correcting mistakes can come across as extremely negative and probably will put distance in the connection between you and your child.

If parent is in tune with the stages of development, moments can be used as teaching opportunities and understanding opportunities rather than correcting mistakes. For example, if a 7 – 9 year old becomes extremely frustrated whenever he/she does not get something perfect the first time, it is probably because of the amount of emotion that the age group has but not sure how to deal with it and control it. If you are attune to such, you can re-direct and help them to engage in better choices for activities that are more difficult instead of making the child feel worse about him/herself. Have a “Fun” rule that you must do something new X times before deciding how well you think you did and then model that behavior to/with your child. Or related someone your child looks up to – for example a famous singer – do you think X was perfect the first time he/she sang a song? You can maybe even google information on that person’s story to show how everyone has to practice to become better.

It is very important to read information on the stages of development for your child so that you have an understanding of the child world at that age. There are several places for information – including here – you can comment below on the age of your child and I can send you some information.

Use as many opportunities as possible to teach and help your child become a better decision maker - it does not mean some form of discipline is not necessary if it is appropriate, just to understand their decision making ability at the age and help them know how to use their ability to make better choices.

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