Snow Day Activities

Snow Day Activities

It is so important that we keep our kids active - physically and intellectually during snow days.

This will also help to keep them in a semi-normal routine since they have to be active during school days.

Some Suggestions that we found and some of our parents had:

Snow Art - use food coloring in bottles (squeeze bottles) with some water that the kids can use to make some art designs in the snow.

Magazine Art - let the kids cut various shapes/colors out of magazines - old books -etc that they can then use to fill in something that they have drawn onto a paper plate or construction paper.  You can even do a search for color-by-the-number templates to print out and they can glue the magazine pieces to that.

Inside Snowman - use marshmallows and glue to let your child design a snowman on a paper plate - construction paper - etc.

Inside Camping/Fort - let your child go camping in the living room - most people do not have tents that can be used in the house but they can use pillows-chairs-blankets-etc to build a fort.  Let them have some popcorn - smores - or other snacks in their fort.

Movies - Wear your PJ's and watch some movies with your child.  This is the perfect opportunity to talk to your child about various topics as they come up in movies - things like do you have a really good friend that would help you out like that - a very simple question but it opens conversation and lets your child know he/she can talk to you.

Snow Cream - search for recipes for snow cream and enjoy.

Scavenger Hunt - use any household items to design your own scavenger hunt.

I hope this has been helpful in just simply reminding you of some of the fun activities that you can do with your kids on Snow Day!





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