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  • Tuesday Tips for Parents - Choosing a Quality Summer Camp

    There are a few questions you should ask of any camp you are considering for your child. #1 – Safety is #1. Do they hire teens or adults for Camp. Hiring all Teens can definitely be a money saver, but is it the safest for your child? You need a Camp that hires adults and does a Federal Background Check. A part of this safety is also asking for ID at pickup. Probably most all places will say they ask for an ID, but make certain is it a part of the safety plan for your child. Anyone that the staff has not met should be asked to show an ID – even if it is a parent that the staff has not met. #2 – Does the camp have a structure that keeps your child active yet allows ....

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  • Tuesday Tips for Parents - Attunement

    Tuesday Tips for Parents Attunement Tuesday Tips for Parents – Please tune in today at noon – – for more information. A specific skill that all parents need to go with the Connection that we have been talking about is Attunement. Be attuned to your child’s stage of development in all areas – physical, intellectual, social & emotional. When you are in tune with these stages – it makes it easier to live in your child’s world and understand from their perspective versus expecting your child to live in an adult world. As parents, when we view our child from an adult world, we constantly are correcting mistakes. ....

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  • Reward Systems for Tweens & Teens

    Tuesday Tips for Parents – Rewarding Tweens & Teens

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    Reward Systems for Tweens
    Tweens can benefit from more complicated systems with bigger rewards. But remember,reward systems do not necessarily have to cost money. Screen time or a later bedtime on the weekends can be big motivators. Praise
    While you shouldn't reserve praise for giant achievements, you can definitely use words of encouragement as an incentive. When your child knows you're paying attention to his effort, he'll be motivated to keep up the good work. So catch your child being good andpraiseher efforts often. Tangible Rewards ....

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  • Tuesday Tips for Parents - Motivating Teens

    Tuesday Tips for Parents - Join us Tuesdays at 12noon at for our Live Show. For many kids, the issue isn't their intelligence, it's their intrinsic motivation, according to Beth Larsen, a high school resource instructor. “Teenagers aren’t motivated by the same external rewards as younger children,” she explains. “The best motivation comes from inside.” Larsen believes that kids need to recognize their own potential in order to succeed. “You have to ask them what they want in life. What are their dreams? Help them reflect back to what their hopes and dreams were when they were children and go from there,” she says. ....

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  •  in Graham  - Skillz 4 Kidz - Snow Day Activities

    Snow Day Activities

    It is so important that we keep our kids active - physically and intellectually during snow days. This will also help to keep them in a semi-normal routine since they have to be active during school days. Some Suggestions that we found and some of our parents had: Snow Art - use food coloring in bottles (squeeze bottles) with some water that the kids can use to make some art designs in the snow. Magazine Art - let the kids cut various shapes/colors out of magazines - old books -etc that they can then use to fill in something that they have drawn onto a paper plate or construction paper. You can even do a search for color-by-the-number templates to print out and they can glue the ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts and Group Fitness in Graham!

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    We proudly serve the Graham, Burlington, and Saxapahaw areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Kids Martial Arts, Group Fitness, Summer Camps and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click here to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook ....

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