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  • Tuesday Tips For Parents Benefits Of Private Lessons

    Tuesday Tips for Parents -Benefits of Private Lessons Please join us today at 12:30pm at for our Facebook Live Show for more information. Our goal as parents is to help our child become a better version of themselves! We try using everything from the latest article in Parent Magazine, Online Research, What Momma says, Advice from friends etc. One other thing you can try are Private Lessons from the Coach, Teacher, etc in your child’s favorite s port, subject, etc. Private lessons are a 1-on-1 approach to learning and since everyone learns at a different pace and in their own way sometimes these lessons can be an incredible force multiplier for your ....

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  • Tuesday Tips For Parents-Summer Fun with Kids Beneficial?

    Tuesday Tips for Parents Summer Fun with Kids – Why is it Beneficial? Join us today at 12:30pm for our Facebook Live – - for more information. *Please Comment Below – Yes if you found this beneficial. Please list any other topics you may want us to cover for Tuesday Tips* Summer Fun – what fun is most beneficial and why? Many parents tell their kids – I played outside as a kid many times – we did not sit inside when It was nice outside – my mom would tell me to go outside and play. Did our parents know how & why Sunshine and Physical Activity was so important – maybe, maybe not but it does not matter ....

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  • Tuesday Tips 4 Parents: Choosing Whats Right

    As Summer Approaches many parents are wondering – where do I send my child for Summer Camp – What Activities do I do with my child – then we start the next school year and have some of the same questions about After School and Extracurricular Activities. No one can answer the activities your child enjoys better than you and your child. So…… today’s focus is not on the type of activity but the staff who is involved with helping your child with the activity or program in which your child is involved. The Staff should be Professional and Trained: Professional: Staff should conduct themselves in a Professional and Polite Manner at all times. Parents at ....

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